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About To The Point Communications

To the Point Communications provides executive managers with strategic communication skills and executive coaching. We translate the theory of management into practical constructive behaviours that suit both the manager and the organisation. By combining one-on-one coaching with training, we assist executives to communicate effectively in the day-to-day demands of their roles.


Do you, like most senior managers and CEOs, juggle the pressures of strategic and operational responsibilities with the ambiguities that surround managing people at this level? Do you feel stressed by the competing priorities you face and the lack of time in which to achieve them? Do you struggle to get well-written reports from others and find that you waste valuable time re-writing them? Are you distracted by conflicts at all levels?


These are the common complaints of the senior managers we work with. It is increasingly clear that constructive and satisfying leadership is one of the toughest challenges facing both organisations and the individuals who manage them today. Our services assist executives in building the skills that ensure they triumph over this challenge.


What we offer

Our coaching techniques and tailored small-group workshops help our clients align their values, personal style and communication skills to develop strong leadership and a motivated organisational culture. Our programs focus on


Strategic leadership

  • developing and leading the vision for the organisation or business unit
  • fostering important strategic relationships
  • establishing an industry profile

Operational leadership

  • managing key operational issues
  • ensuring regulatory compliance
  • managing financial requirements

Human leadership

  • managing the performance of others
  • mentoring and coaching
  • managing conflict

Personal leadership

  • communicating effectively
  • managing time, interruptions and priorities
  • balancing leadership and a personal life

All our programs are based on adult learning models and provide the opportunity for reflection, action and evaluation to ensure learning that will be sustained throughout a person's career.


We combine creativity, research and accomplished facilitation in our

  • one-on-one executive coaching
  • innovative leadership programs
  • tailored communications training